AgiWare® TOPS Solutions

AgiWare TOPS® is an Easy-to-deploy Software Suite


Core Infrastructure

The “power plant” of AgiWare® TOPS has to be installed in your current IT Infrastructure. The process is very fast and effective. There will be no intrusion or no specific development required to plug our Core Modules

  • Advanced Management System (AMS): a module that allows you to integrate all your apps, add users, create profiles, monitor the Applications usage…
  • AgiWare® TOPS Service Factory (TSF): a module that links all your existing Apps to the AgiWare® TOPS platform.

User Modules

These software modules are for users to access the AgiWare® TOPS platform.

  • Fusion: Fusion module gives you the possibility to work with all your Apps wherever they are and wherever you are


  • Dashboard: Dashboard module allows you to work with Context-Aware Information mix.



Add-On services

Additional Services can be added on AgiWare® TOPS platform.

Add-On Services

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