Case study : Consulting

Operational & Service Centers Design


In november 2012, PIXYS started a mission aimed at designing 4 different Control Centers for the French major railway operator. In order to improve its Customer Service Quality, SNCF decided to create those Centers to enhance Operations planning & real time monitoring.
PIXYS designed the 4 Control rooms and their pertaining Crisis rooms & Management offices within a 6 month-period. After the deliver of such reports, PIXYS worked alongside SNCF teams to manage the construction work for one of the Centers.


Benefits & Impacts

Project main gains were the following.



Flexible work positions

Collaborative-work oriented space

Space layout designed for client business operations

Respectful of legal working environment conditions

Information sharing through VideoWalls


Financial gains

Effective set-up times for Crisis Management

Reduced time for Maintenance Response teams

Effective way of working


Technical gains

Premises’ optimized brightness

Reduced air & noise pollution

Enhanced working position

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