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    Question 1 : Can I get a free trial of AgiWare® TOPS ?

    We strongly advise you to get in touch with our Sales representative to book a live Demonstration of our Software at our offices or at your place, whatever suits you the best.

    Question 2 : How much time do you generally take to install AgiWare® TOPS ?

    Installation time will depend on how many systems you want to plug in the platform we’ll set for you. In general terms, PIXYS team works hand in hand with client’s technical staff to smooth the installation process. A minimum of 3 weeks i generally required.

    Question 3 : Is there any technological limit of a system to be integrated in AgiWare® TOPS platform ?

    As of today, PIXYS team has successfully integrated every single application that our clients wanted to access through our software. Since the beginning, more than 800 different systems have been integrated across all platforms.

    Question 4 : What are the system requirements for AgiWare® TOPS ?

    You can find all the system requirements on the brochures of AgiWare® TOPS modules available in the appropriate sections of the website.

    Question 5 : Is AgiWare® TOPS available in different languages ?

    AgiWare® TOPS is available in English. Please contact us to discuss your language requirements.

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