Case study : Software


Remote Operating of 42 toll stations


Société des Autoroutes Rhône Alpes is an affiliate of French group APRR. The company operates a network of 384 Km highways in the SouthEast of France. In order to improve employees security and toll’s management, AREA decided in 2008 to implement an innovative architecture based on AgiWare TOPS®.

Within a very short period of time, a Proof of Concept was engaged to test AgiWare TOPS® in real conditions. A representative set of AREA applications was integrated and after a successful 3-month testing, AREA gave its GO to deploy the solution. So from that time until now, AREA has been managing remotely its Tolls through TOPS®.

Benefits & Impacts

The main gains after TOPS® set up were the following.



Ability to exploit remotely any toll station from any operations center.

Dynamic Reconfiguration, flexible Supervision.

Ability to maintain remotely any toll station.

Ease of use

Adaptable to any user profile.

Ability to detect events without the need to stay in position (carry remote alarm)


Financial gains

4-month Return of Investment

Reduced maintenance costs (diagnosis and recovery remote service)

Reduced cost of training due to intuitive software interface


Technical gains

Non-intrusive integration (including all IT Legacies)

Technical Robustness of the Architecture

Native backed-up sites

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