A new Airport Operations Center for Nice Côte d’Azur Airport

PIXYS was chosen in 2019 by Nice Côte d’Azur Airport for the conception, design and project management of its new Airport Operations Centre (APOC/AOCC) that opened early December 2020.

PIXYS also provided its software, Agiware® TOPS, for the 20 workstations and the 3 videowalls to make all the necessary applications available and displayable on only one central unit and 3 screens for the workstations.

Finally, PIXYS developed and provided the Hypervisor software, Agiware® HyperTOPS, to monitor in real time the service levels for the PAX process.


The Airport Operations Center (APOC/AOCC) is a facility that brings together all the functions required for the Passengers journey in the airport in order to streamline it by improving communication and coordination between the various stakeholders. Indeed, the APOC supervises airport access, parking lots, check-in, security, safety, boarding, technical facilities, …

By using its experience and expertise acquired with the conception of more than a hundred operational centers (Telco, railways, airports, highways, etc.) in France and around the world including the APOCs of Lyon Saint-Exupéry, Genève Airport, Paris-Orly, Toulouse-Blagnac and Macau International Airport, PIXYS was able to implement the best practices for the conception and lay-out of the Supervision Room, the Operational Coordination Room and the ancillary premises.

Nice Côte d’Azur Airport APOC is a 500m² ultra-modern facility including ergonomic workstations for operators and video walls allowing optimized information sharing between all stakeholders.

Despite COVID-19 and containment measures, the project was carried out on schedule thanks to the exceptional work of partners such as ID Architecture (www.idarchitecture.net), Elyss (elyss.com), C3E Ingénierie (www.c3e-ingenierie-monaco.com) and Bureau ICA (www.ica06.fr), in particular for studies, monitoring and execution of works and thanks to the unwavering dedication of the teams from Nice Côte d’Azur Airport.

© Aéroport de Nice Côte d’Azur

Versatile Workstations

In the APOC, PIXYS supplies the 20 workstations with its software, Agiware® TOPS, as well as the 3 video walls. This software makes it possible to reduce the number of CPUs and screens for workstations. Indeed, the workstations only consist of one CPU and two to three screens.

Moreover, users have a secured and fast access (Single Sign-On) to all of their applications even on non-intersecting networks or different OS. A Dashboard displays the applications in an ergonomic manner on the screens in order to visualize only the relevant information for the operations. The positions are thus completely versatile and will be able to adapt easily to future developments of the APOC.


PIXYS was also selected to supply its Hypervision software, Agiware® HyperTOPS. This software retrieves telemetry from different equipment coming from various suppliers (RESA, Nice Airport, etc.) and combines them to calculate the levels of service for the different checkpoints of the PAX process (Check-In, Baggage, Security, …) and gives also the status of other services impacting this process (Weather forecast, ATC, etc.).

Therefore, based on predefined and configurable thresholds, alerts are sent to the operators in the event of an impact on operations with the associated impacts, if any (impacted flights, etc.).

For this project, PIXYS was able to count on its valuable partners Arx IT (www.arxit.com) and Aviation Strategies International (aviationstrategies.aero) who provided remarkable work throughout the project.

Agiware® HyperTOPS